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About Us

Established in 2023, Kase Scenarios emerged from a simple yet powerful concept: to offer accessible, top-tier interactive OSINT training that imparts practical skills without a hefty price tag. Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering state-of-the-art OSINT courses that equip students with real-world, employable expertise. We're resolute in our mission to provide cutting-edge instruction that readies individuals for the dynamic demands of the workforce.

I'M Espen

Co-Founder of Kase Scenarios

Hello, I'm Espen Ringstad, a Senior OSINT Intelligence analyst. With years of experience in online OSINT communities, I'm recognized for founding the OSINT Curious Project's Discord community and subsequently launching Kase Scenarios.

With a Cybersecurity background spanning a decade, I transitioned to law enforcement as an OSINT analyst. I shape software, tools, and methods used by OSINT practitioners and was Rae's technical editor for "Deep Dive." OSINT community involvement is enriching; I've witnessed beginners ascend to advanced OSINT roles. Through Kase, I look forward to seeing the growth of our students and the success they have before and after our online OSINT training.

Co founder of Kase Scenarios, Espen Ringstad

I'M Rae

Co-Founder of Kase Scenarios

Greetings! I'm Rae Baker, a Senior OSINT Analyst at Deloitte and an author of "Deep Dive: Exploring the Real-World Value of Open Source Intelligence." I've spoken at top global security and OSINT conferences like SANS, Shmoocon, DEFCON, Ctrl/Alt, and DECODE. I lead OSINT training development, from boot camps to webinars, finding joy in students' excitement for OSINT. Merging years of graphic design expertise with crafting engaging online OSINT training content is my passion. Looking forward to the growth journey with Kase and our students!

Co-founder of Kase Scenarios, Rae Baker

I'M Megan

Marketing Specialist

Hello! I’m Megan, and I have a background in entrepreneurship, marketing, and communications. I love connecting people with products or services that will enhance their lives and propel them towards their goals—that’s exactly what I get to do here at Kase Scenarios.
I look forward to hearing how Kase Scenarios' fun and interactive training helps you reach your goals

Marketing specialist at Kase Scenarios, Megan Barnes

I'M Noël

Student Ambassador

Hi everyone! I’m Noël Hollis, an OSINT student with a Technical Product Manager day job. I started working with Kase as a beta tester and now I’m using the realistic OSINT training scenarios they put together as a way to pivot into OSINT as a career. I’m documenting that journey so that hopefully it will be able to help others who would like to transition into the field.

Student Ambassador at Kase Scenarios, Noel Hollis