Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kase Scenarios?

We are a company that provides media-rich, immersive, real-world OSINT scenarios for the purpose of training and education. The scenarios have a storyline and vary in difficulty level, area of focus, and media provided to guide you through an investigation to ultimately solve the case.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a scenario varies based on length, challenge count, and media complexity.

Aren't some of the scenarios a bit expensive?

A Kase scenario is not just another capture-the-flag game, it is real-world training with a storyline as well as unique video, audio, imagery, and challenges. The challenges are designed to teach you OSINT skills that will be directly applicable to real work in the field while engaging you through exciting storylines.

Can I buy bundles for my school, company, or conference?

Yes, of course! We love working with groups. Please contact

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and credit cards through Stripe.

Who creates your scenarios?

The Kase Scenarios staff is full of unique backgrounds in areas such as graphic design, media production, marketing, OSINT, teaching, and more! Each scenario is dreamed up by our staff, specially crafted to meet our training benchmarks, and meticulously beta-tested by students of varying experience levels.

Can I get help if I'm stuck on a scenario?

Absolutely. Join our Discord community to chat with us and community members or send us an email at

How long does each scenario take?

We set a recommended length of time based on beta tests, however, there is no time limit and you should take your time working through the challenges and learning as much as you can.

How long is a scenario available?

We guarantee one year of access to every scenario from their launch date. Popular scenarios will usually be available for much longer.

What is the appropriate age level for your scenarios?

We feel a PG-13 rating would be most appropriate. There are some crime scene photos, autopsy reports, and difficult criminal concepts. We leave it up to you for parental discretion.

Am I solving real cases?

No, but we hope it feels that way! Our goal is to make realistic, immersive scenarios that will effectively train OSINT analysts on new skills and techniques.

How do I get started with OSINT?

OSINT or Open Source Intelligence is using public data to find information on people, places, things, and then analyzing it / enriching it to make it intelligence. To get started in OSINT, we must practice collecting and analyzing data in a safe and ethical way. Kase Scenarios allows students to practice OSINT concepts safely by immersing them in a realistic case and guiding them through uncovering details and solving challenges.

What do the difficulty ratings mean?

Each scenario is given a difficulty rating to help you choose the best scenario for your experience level. Ratings are listed on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being Beginner and 5 being Advanced. Ratings are based on the overall difficulty of the challenges and the feedback from our beta testing. 

Do you make custom OSINT training and scenarios?

Yes, we do offer bespoke OSINT training and scenarios based on your training needs. Contact for more information.