An immersive training experience

What are Kase Scenarios?

Immersive Realistic Investigations

Original stories and media inspired by thrilling real-world crimes and mysteries offer a one-of-a-kind immersive OSINT training experience.

Hands-on Learning Experiences

Work at your own pace to solve exciting cases that will pique your curiosity and challenge your analytical and critical thinking skills to prepare you for working on actual investigations. 

Preparation for Actual Investigation Work

Learn techniques and methods that will prepare you for the OSINT industry

while building upon and challenging your existing knowledge.


Explore our top original scenarios carefully tailored to educate and prepare you for real-world OSINT work.

Open Source Intelligence Training. Influence, OSINT training by Kase Scenarios.
Dark Waters OSINT scenario by Kase Scenarios. Practical Open Source Intelligence training

Available until 5.15.2024

Open Source Intelligence training by Kase Scenarios. New OSINT training and scenarios coming soon

The Team

Kase was created by seasoned OSINT Analysts and trainers Espen and Rae to educate and inspire people everywhere to enter the field of OSINT by participating in exciting and fun training experiences.

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OSINT training by Rae Baker and Espen Ringstad