When a body turns up inside a prominent Georgian lawyers home, cops believe it is an open and shut case. The Assistant District Attorney reaches out to you in hopes of gathering the necessary information through open source intelligence to put the right person behind bars.

  • Guiding hints
  • Easier data pivots within challenges
  • 1 report

OSINT Training Objectives:

  • Evidence analysis
  • Documentation
  • Image analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • Reporting

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“This course was awesome! I loved all the details and materials that were available to help really immerse yourself in the challenge. It was a ton of fun, I highly recommend! Ill be taking another one”


“Not only was this scenario fast-paced and fun from a puzzle/OSINT perspective, but the narrative was INSANE, and I was always looking forward to what would happen next.”

-Mandy C.

“Gives you a great taste of what future cases will be like. I really enjoyed working through this kase scenario and found it immersive.”

-Adam W..