The Vanishing of Rosie Parker


In the heart of Cheltenham, Rosie Parker, daughter of a prominent politician, vanishes mysteriously. The clock ticks as the UK's top police team races against time. You are assisting as an open-source intelligence analyst, summoned to infuse hope into the investigation. Can you unlock the harrowing mystery and bring Rosie home?

  • Self-driven discovery 
  • Difficult challenges
  • Increased data pivots within challenges
  • Creative thinking required

OSINT Training Objectives:

  • Geolocation
  • Due diligence
  • International research
  • Reporting
  • Skip tracing
  • Social media analysis

Already solved the case?

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“You will be lead through a series of very interesting OSINT challenges that may make you think twice about how deep you can dig into certain details. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot a the same time!”


“This one had me thinking outside of the box, trying new tools and sites, and was a good reminder that a dead end might not be what it seems. Plus, I got to try out some fun UK-specific tricks!”

-Mandy C.

"I really enjoyed this challenge. It envelops various OSINT techniques, some of which, are not discussed publicly too much. The plot made learning the techniques interesting. Would definitely recommend to others!”

-Haris Q.

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