Dark Waters


Investigative journalist Alec Wolfe gets a tip about mysterious deaths and illnesses in a small Pennsylvania town. Use your OSINT training skills in this fast-paced immersive roleplay to help uncover any illicit activity that may be going on and bring the bad actors to justice.

  • Self-driven discovery
  • Increased data pivots within challenges
  • Creative thinking required

OSINT Training Objectives:

  • Social media analysis
  • Documentation
  • Geolocation
  • Image analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Website analysis

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“This has been the most exciting Osint scenario I have ever participated in. I learned so much and got to discover several tools I didn't know about. I recommend this scenario to everyone!”

-Arnaldo L.

“Dark Waters is by far the most complex OSINT task I have ever finished....
Despite the fact that it is a "fictional" scenario it is of a complexity never seen before.”

-Mattia V.

"I would happily have paid double the asking price to participate in this scenario. The creators really put their heart and souls into this one, and the storyline pulls you in more than I expected going in.”

-Aaron M.