Sinister Obsession


In recent months, Liam and his National Crime Agency team have been immersed in a high-stakes cyberstalking case involving renowned singer-songwriter Sophia Blake. As the stalker's actions escalate, watch as Liam and his team intensify their efforts to unveil the culprit's identity and bring them to justice.

  • Guiding hints
  • Easier data pivots within challenges

OSINT Training Objectives:

  • Geolocation
    - Analyzing travel routes

- Utilizing maps and satellite imagery
- Investigating social circles

  • Due diligence
    - Verifying known information

  • International research
    - Utilizing country-specific OSINT tools

  • Social media analysis

- Uncovering people behind accounts
- Analyzing social circles
- Connecting user accounts

  • Email analysis

- Uncovering people behind accounts
- Connecting user accounts

  • Documentation

- Practice keeping detailed case notes

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“This scenario was so fun! It is a fast way to introduce a variety of concepts and disciplines in a quick and exciting way!”

-Brandon O.

I got to freshen up on some familiar OSINT techniques, use some new tools, and learn some things about investigations and the world. Perfect for all experience levels!

-Mandy C.

The difficulty level is progressive and the learning curve very smooth. The storytelling and atmosphere kept me engaged from the beginning to the end.

-Yann P.