Project Sandshark

US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has asked your employer Searchlight Investigations to perform a risk assessment. As an OSINT Analyst, you have been tasked with researching the risks of allowing a specific company to offer maritime capabilities within the US market.

Learn how to research, compile, and report data effectively through feedback and support.

OSINT Training Objectives:

After completing the scenario the student can effectively and accurately analyze and understand the tasks given to them by a client or stakeholder. The student can utilize open source intelligence techniques and resources to find relevant information for their case and tasks. Analyzed information is clearly and objectively conveyed in a report, with data-driven and data-based reasoning. The students know how to structure a report with clear and consistent language.

  • Report writing

- Practice keeping detailed case notes

- Identify key research questions

- Learn to write for your audience

  • Risk identification
    - corporate records

- contracts
- connections

- people

  • Due diligence
    - Verifying known information

- Verifying information presented in the case

- Comparing case information with public information

- Business analysis

  • International research
    - Utilizing country-specific OSINT tools

  • Maritime research

- Uncovering people behind accounts
- Analyzing social circles
- Connecting user accounts

      • Feedback

      -Receive detailed feedback on your report from seasoned OSINT professionals

      -Personalized suggestions on areas of improvement within OSINT 

      -Your report is assessed using a comprehensive rubric that recognizes strengths while pinpointing areas for improvement.

      Earn a Certificate and Badge

      Upon passing the scenario you will earn a Kase certificate and Project Sandshark badge which can be displayed on your social media and resume to make you a more desirable OSINT candidate.

      What is Forensic OSINT?

      Forensic OSINT Professional is OSINT Web Capture software extension to help you capture critical evidence before it disappears.

      As a Project Sandshark student, you'll get a 6-Week Subscription for free, valued at $82.

      • User-Controlled Screen Captures
      • Auto Image and Source Code Captures

      • Precise File Hashing

      • Integrated CMS

      • Key Value Discovery

      “I wish I had this resource when I was starting in OSINT.”

      -Mandy C.

      "Overall, a very fun and well thought out course!"

      -Brandon O.

      "I had fun doing this investigation! I love all of their scenarios.”

      -DFIR Diva